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 innoFix Digital Static Print Films - Technical Information

Innofix Static Print material is a specifically structured electrically charged polypropylene 47 micrometer film (1.85 mil) that is produced in a way which maintains the stability of the electrical charge. The products were originally designed specifically for digital printers, however, today they can also be used with plotters and other large-scale printers.

Innofix Static Print material is coated with porous special coating which absorbs printing ink solvent.

Product properties: 

Innofix Static Print has no adhesives. It adheres to surfaces with stable electrical charge, and it can be printed in UV-Offset, digital printers, and multi task office printers. 

Innofix Static Print White - is available in two backers: thinner Paperbacker - 210gsm and thicker Cartonbacker - 235gsm. Innofix Transparent / Clear is currently available only with thinner Paper backer.

Thickness Type

Innofix White


Innofix White


Innofix Clear

Film Thickness

1.85 mil / 47 microns

1.85 mil / 47 microns

2 mil / 50.8 microns

Backer Thickness

5.04 mil / 128 microns

11.93 mil / 303 microns

5.04 mil / 128 microns

Overall Thickness

6.89 mil / 175 microns

13.78 mil / 350 microns

7.04 mil / 178.8 microns


Innofix White:
  • Sheet format can be freely chosen, however, in Europe the most popular sizes are: SRA1-90x64cm, SRA2-64x45cm, SRA3-45x32cm, SRA4-21x30cm.
  • North & Centreal America available sizes include  8.5" x 11" 12"x18"" & 13"x19" inches, plus, special order 28" x 40" or 40" x 60" inches.
  • The maximum width of the sheet is 42 inches and length can be up to 8,850 feet. Any sheet size under 42 inches;
  • The static film material is fully attached to the backing, so it can also be cut before printing.
  • The most popular reel sizes in Europe are 106,7 cm x 30 meters and 106,7 cm x 50 meters.
    • Core size 76 mm
    • Roll laminate: 226 gr/m2, pp film 47 micrometers
    • Roll maximum width: 106,7 cm or 42 inch
Innofix ProTec Clear:
  • Currently available in reels of 88 cm x 30 m & 50 m (34.6 inches x 98 & 164 feet) Plus, 28"x 40" inch both with paper and carton backed flat sheets.
  • Smaller sheets can be cut as any sheet size under 88 cm, or 6 inches are also available. Call for custom sizes and pricing at 514-313-9000.


The information provided is the best currently available on the subject matter and should be regarded only as a general guide to material properties and not as a guarantee.