InnoFIX Digital Static - FAQ

Which surfaces do Static Notes, Whiteboards and Prints stick to?
Static Products stick to several surfaces such as metal, brick, wood, glass, cork board, textile, leather, paper and stone.
How do Static Notes work?
Static Notes are made of statically charged polypropylene film with a special coating on the surface. Instead of using glue to adhere, Static Notes use a stable electrostatic charge to cling to surfaces. 
How long does the static charge last?
We have done tests on different surfaces and some notes and prints have stayed up for years. However, the duration depends on many factors such as the texture of surface area, external environment and dust levels. The products stick best on dry, smooth, and dust-free surfaces.
How do Static Prints work?
Basically any image can be printed on Static Print Sheets with digital printers, UV-Offset or even office laser-printers. Once the backing paper is removed the image sticks onto the desired surface with static electricity. InnoTools Oy, manufactures both multi sized print sheets and print rolls (1.067 x 30 meters).